Monday, May 12, 2008

Work, Hoe

It seems the new trend is to work yourself to death, bye bye weekends. If you're vacationing, it shows you lack "passion" with your work or a sense of drive, making you a second tier co-pilot in the social dance floor battle of young, entrepreneurial NYC.

I like this pseudo-new bandwagon because it allows me to make more money without coming off as a greedy asshole. But then again, who in this city can really make a case of not being one nowadays? Even the non-profiteers have become pretentious smugfits with their refurbished Dell laptops at off-the-ave. Starbucks philosophizing about the world on their parents' dime, a fact they repress throughout their overly idealistic attempts at life.

In the process, I've learned to enjoy my work, who would've thunk it? I've learned to lie to myself in order to tap into the underlying truth.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I had a great dream last night. I forget the details, but the feeling is still pretty vivid. It felt like having the world support me on my back; like proving all my detractors wrong, like having someone in a high position take my side in front of my enemies, like influencing everyone around me by the mere brush of my forearm.

I've realized that these kind of dreams were more prevalent when I was young. They don't come nearly as often, and I'm gonna try to emulate them as much as possible, to gauge my actions throughout the day, since I believe that these types of dreams are born when we stand up for ourselves during our awakened hours. In this particular one, I spoke what was on my mind regarding one of the white elephants within my family, the day before, and had the support of a revered relative.

Maybe it was just the Melatonin. Hopefully not, but I look forward to better rests in the future.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So I'm currently dating a guy that I'm very much into. He doesn't try to over-impress me and I'm happy just being with him. We don't have to be engaged in a particular activity - I just simply enjoy his company and the random BS that we spew back and forth with each other.

I had a dream about him last night where he had Multiple Personality Disorder. He was speaking as a young woman, and I was waiting for him to become himself so that we could go on our date.

I woke up weirded out, and thought to myself had I met someone I fell in love with, who was only himself for 1/3 of the time if I would date him. My instinct was No, since it would be difficult to time our engagements so that I would be with him when he was normally himself, if such a thing could even be estimated.

The weird part of talking to him as a young woman in my dream was that I still felt really close to him when I looked into his eyes, as if it was him playing a woman. When he smiled, so did his eyes, letting me know that a piece of him was still there, regardless who he was at the moment. I hope this post doesn't jinx our date tonight, I do like him, and want to take things very slow for a change.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stupid People - How to Deal

Never argue with a stupid person, because in doing so you will acknowledge that her words carry some weight.

I always thought this quote generally downplayed stupid people - i.e. maybe we just didn't see it from their perspective? Maybe I have to loosen up my standards and take it easy a bit with them? After all, living with a set of blinders on and seeing things primarily one way doesn't allow one to become more worldly, right? Wrong folks, our way is the worldly way, keep those blinders up buddy.

After numerous attempts at trying to socialize with truly ignorant people (toeing the line of constant patronization), I've come to the conclusion that stupid people need to be told they're stupid, mostly indirectly of course, so that they can feel validated. This is done so that they can feel all is well and in order in the small world where they identify themselves in within their minds. Bottom line, don't waste time in trying to educate them, boost their self-esteem, or make them feel accepted. There are more deserving people out there.

To be fair, I identify stupid and ignorant people in this post as those unwilling to learn and execute, despite their acknowledgment of the real possibility to freely do so, in comparison to stupid people who just don't know any better. I strongly loathe the former, maybe because I see a bit of it in myself (I am aloof after all.) For the latter, I dumbly envy their simple nature, but soon rightfully find myself detesting their second tier tastes, and like to think of myself as more, whether real or as illusion.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Summer Fashion

I don't consider myself a fashionista at all, which allows me an opinion on the subject. I'm somewhat of a maverick in this sense, you'll see come Fall 2009. Trends I've noticed on this island of Manhattan (East Side, as opposed to West aka Orlando) of which I've partaken in creating - your welcome:

IN 2008:
-Orthodox Jewish look - black, trimmed, fitted but more loose this year, conservative
-Clear (usually neon) visors worn ONLY with your business suit for lunch outside
-Baggy pants/sweats with penny loafers
-Wolf/animal t-shirts
-Wristwatches ONLY while having sex, preferably black or white opaque face (no gold/platinum/silver, etc)
-Bedazzled board shorts
-Your boyfriend's mom as arm candy to social events/functions without your boyfriend
-Batman & Robin type Motorcycles (either on beach roads or ONLY east of Lex Ave. when in city)

-Boat Shoes/Topsiders - Hamptons are OVER (except Southampton prime)
-Skinny jeans - never in
-Skinny ties
-Geek chic glasses - never in
-Floral board shorts
-Fitted 2 button jackets
-Babies in place of man purses in the subway on the way to work (doesn't have to be yours, makes you look responsible, starts conversations)
-Aviator Shades
-Anything in current GQ

Anonymous Sex

Does it ever get old? You hear people saying you feel empty inside afterwards, yet I see people in their 70's trying to hit bitches for the skins and without the emotional benefit. I think we'll still want it when we're older and those who say it leads nowhere, probably never really had good anonymous headboard bashing sex.

But I hope they're right, since I do want to settle down in the future, with one dude. But then he'd probably cheat on me since he'd have to be hot for me to even acknowledge him, and then I'd get stuck trying to find more anonymous sex to spite him since I'll never be fully comfortable knowing he has infinite options every time steps out of our apartment and onto 8th Ave. Then he'll do the same and the cycle repeats.

For now, I say anonymous sex works, even though the other shit like flowers and wine over a stay at home cuddle session would be nice to have. Maybe my penis has ADD? Or I'm blaming it on my penis because I'm afraid the correct answer takes too much work?

PS I Just came home from an anonymous session, not one of the better ones -=/

You Fat Bitches

I am born, you will heed my words and I will dominate the radio waves of the cyberspace port. Just sayin' yo.