Monday, May 12, 2008

Work, Hoe

It seems the new trend is to work yourself to death, bye bye weekends. If you're vacationing, it shows you lack "passion" with your work or a sense of drive, making you a second tier co-pilot in the social dance floor battle of young, entrepreneurial NYC.

I like this pseudo-new bandwagon because it allows me to make more money without coming off as a greedy asshole. But then again, who in this city can really make a case of not being one nowadays? Even the non-profiteers have become pretentious smugfits with their refurbished Dell laptops at off-the-ave. Starbucks philosophizing about the world on their parents' dime, a fact they repress throughout their overly idealistic attempts at life.

In the process, I've learned to enjoy my work, who would've thunk it? I've learned to lie to myself in order to tap into the underlying truth.

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