Friday, May 2, 2008

Anonymous Sex

Does it ever get old? You hear people saying you feel empty inside afterwards, yet I see people in their 70's trying to hit bitches for the skins and without the emotional benefit. I think we'll still want it when we're older and those who say it leads nowhere, probably never really had good anonymous headboard bashing sex.

But I hope they're right, since I do want to settle down in the future, with one dude. But then he'd probably cheat on me since he'd have to be hot for me to even acknowledge him, and then I'd get stuck trying to find more anonymous sex to spite him since I'll never be fully comfortable knowing he has infinite options every time steps out of our apartment and onto 8th Ave. Then he'll do the same and the cycle repeats.

For now, I say anonymous sex works, even though the other shit like flowers and wine over a stay at home cuddle session would be nice to have. Maybe my penis has ADD? Or I'm blaming it on my penis because I'm afraid the correct answer takes too much work?

PS I Just came home from an anonymous session, not one of the better ones -=/

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