Thursday, May 8, 2008


I had a great dream last night. I forget the details, but the feeling is still pretty vivid. It felt like having the world support me on my back; like proving all my detractors wrong, like having someone in a high position take my side in front of my enemies, like influencing everyone around me by the mere brush of my forearm.

I've realized that these kind of dreams were more prevalent when I was young. They don't come nearly as often, and I'm gonna try to emulate them as much as possible, to gauge my actions throughout the day, since I believe that these types of dreams are born when we stand up for ourselves during our awakened hours. In this particular one, I spoke what was on my mind regarding one of the white elephants within my family, the day before, and had the support of a revered relative.

Maybe it was just the Melatonin. Hopefully not, but I look forward to better rests in the future.

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