Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stupid People - How to Deal

Never argue with a stupid person, because in doing so you will acknowledge that her words carry some weight.

I always thought this quote generally downplayed stupid people - i.e. maybe we just didn't see it from their perspective? Maybe I have to loosen up my standards and take it easy a bit with them? After all, living with a set of blinders on and seeing things primarily one way doesn't allow one to become more worldly, right? Wrong folks, our way is the worldly way, keep those blinders up buddy.

After numerous attempts at trying to socialize with truly ignorant people (toeing the line of constant patronization), I've come to the conclusion that stupid people need to be told they're stupid, mostly indirectly of course, so that they can feel validated. This is done so that they can feel all is well and in order in the small world where they identify themselves in within their minds. Bottom line, don't waste time in trying to educate them, boost their self-esteem, or make them feel accepted. There are more deserving people out there.

To be fair, I identify stupid and ignorant people in this post as those unwilling to learn and execute, despite their acknowledgment of the real possibility to freely do so, in comparison to stupid people who just don't know any better. I strongly loathe the former, maybe because I see a bit of it in myself (I am aloof after all.) For the latter, I dumbly envy their simple nature, but soon rightfully find myself detesting their second tier tastes, and like to think of myself as more, whether real or as illusion.

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