Friday, May 2, 2008

Summer Fashion

I don't consider myself a fashionista at all, which allows me an opinion on the subject. I'm somewhat of a maverick in this sense, you'll see come Fall 2009. Trends I've noticed on this island of Manhattan (East Side, as opposed to West aka Orlando) of which I've partaken in creating - your welcome:

IN 2008:
-Orthodox Jewish look - black, trimmed, fitted but more loose this year, conservative
-Clear (usually neon) visors worn ONLY with your business suit for lunch outside
-Baggy pants/sweats with penny loafers
-Wolf/animal t-shirts
-Wristwatches ONLY while having sex, preferably black or white opaque face (no gold/platinum/silver, etc)
-Bedazzled board shorts
-Your boyfriend's mom as arm candy to social events/functions without your boyfriend
-Batman & Robin type Motorcycles (either on beach roads or ONLY east of Lex Ave. when in city)

-Boat Shoes/Topsiders - Hamptons are OVER (except Southampton prime)
-Skinny jeans - never in
-Skinny ties
-Geek chic glasses - never in
-Floral board shorts
-Fitted 2 button jackets
-Babies in place of man purses in the subway on the way to work (doesn't have to be yours, makes you look responsible, starts conversations)
-Aviator Shades
-Anything in current GQ

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog, F-Uggs should be added to this list.